Baggage Handling

Leopard Double Zip Crossbody – £8.99

Red Structured Satchel – £12.99

Black Peace Sign Rucksack – £16.99

Spring has sprung! Well, supposedly. We’re still not entirely convinced here in the office. We need more evidence; some sun, some flowers, a temperature above freezing – something! Anyhoo, we’re assured it’s on its way, so in preparation, we’re making grand plans to start cycling in to work (we applaud the hardcore among you who did this all winter – we couldn’t hack it). If you’re thinking of doing the same, obviously the baggage situation is a tricky one. You want to stay looking stylish, but yet you need to be practical. You don’t want to be too overloaded with stuff, you need to be able to move easily – ahh so many considerations.

We tested a few options and our favourites are cross body bags or a good ol’ rucksack. Whether it’s a smaller purse style, a satchel or a funky ’90s style backpack, these options ensure you’re rollin’ in style.